Cause every detail matters…

The harmonious decoration during the wedding ceremony and of course also at the party location, wonderfully scented flowers, fine tableware with handmade place cards and small guest gifts for dinner – not only sounds good, but will be so if desired!







There are no limits to your imagination! Do you want everything classic in white with orchids, white roses or dreamy with many little daisies on the tables? Do you want to set red colour accents with red roses, which are symbolic for love? Or should it be colourful and summery? Of course you can also make several colour choices, e.g. single-coloured at the wedding location, red, blue (…) or multi-coloured flowers at the reception before the meal and again completely different on the tables and chairs. Get some ideas with the help of our impressions and tell us your wishes.


Also the choice of chairs and the altar or wedding arch is large. For weddings in romantic style we recommend detailed chairs with decorated rungs and/or curved chair legs. Simple and elegant chairs look simple, but also comfortable stools are popular and look very pretty in the photos. There you have it again: spoilt for choice, but don’t worry! We are always at your disposal with advice and action! For now you can get ideas from our photo gallery.











Interior and cover

“Wow!” – our goal is for you to hear that word a lot. Details and small accessories also play an important role here, especially visually, and should of course be absolutely photogenic. If you should have decided for a noble decoration, we recommend just as simple dishes and cutlery, but of course you can set special accents with decorated or even antique ceramics. Would you like specially folded napkins on the plates? Should the cutlery be lovingly bound and perhaps provided with a small name plate? Here you can also let your favourite colours flow in and share your ideas with us.

We will organise fine tablecloths, crockery, cutlery, glasses, cups, chair covers or cushions, fairy lights, balloons, and so on.

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