The romantic beach wedding

No need for words. Getting married on the beach – simply a dream! Which we will fulfill for you!





Pure Romance

With about 300 sunny days per year the Algarve offers perfect conditions for a sensational wedding on the beach. For sure this experience is considered to be the dream of every bridal couple! With soft sand under your feet and a view of the turquoise sea, you can already look forward to fantastic photos and memories!

Moments you'll never forget

Give your love an individual sign! The sandy beach offers an absolutely romantic location

We know the most beautiful beaches and bays for your wedding ceremony and organize everything around decoration, seating, photo shooting and wedding ceremony.






We take care of the necessary licenses for your wedding ceremony in the Algarve.

Portugal is the only country in Europe where civil weddings of foreign couples are possible. Of course you need a legally valid application, permission and an appointment with a Portuguese registrar and his interpreter, but don’t worry! We take care of this “paperwork” for you!

Also the church wedding in Portugal is legally recognized. For the organization you have us, your wedding planners on site! With the help of a power of attorney, we will take care of all the necessary papers and documents so that your marriage is considered legally valid.

You are already married and want to celebrate a free marriage? This is of course the easier way to celebrate the marriage with all family members and friends. All we need is the permits for the location you have chosen and the corresponding documents.

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