The exciting wedding

You will experience the absolute rarity value with your wedding ceremony on a very special sailing boat!







Get married on Gageiro

The Gageiro, the unique and enchanting wooden ship from 1947, an absolute rarity! Beautiful, in top condition and perfectly suited for an exciting wedding ceremony on the water! By the way: This is a real speciality. The Gageiro is the last sailor of its type in the whole Algarve and impresses with the unmistakable charm that a wedding location should have.

Tradition and thrills

Your wedding ceremony aboard a traditional Portuguese wooden ship…

As unique and magical as your love! How beautiful do you think your photos will be? Sometimes the wide sea in the background, sometimes the reddish-golden rock formations. With the right wind conditions the sails will be opened, of course. But then at the very latest the drone has to rise – for absolutely fabulous pictures of YOUR DREAM WEDDING on the water!











Get married on Gageiro

By the way, the gageiro belongs to us, your wedding planners. So of course you have some advantages concerning the organisation of your ceremony.

Of course, we will take care of everything possible to make sure that you have a breathtaking wedding, but there is one thing you have to consider in advance: There’s a maximum number of people on board. More information and pictures of the beautiful Gageiro can be found on our website:

We take care of the necessary licenses for your wedding ceremony in the Algarve.

Portugal is the only country in Europe where civil weddings of foreign couples are possible. Of course you need a legally valid application, permission and an appointment with a Portuguese registrar and his interpreter, but don’t worry! We take care of this “paperwork” for you!

Also the church wedding in Portugal is legally recognized. For the organization you have us, your wedding planners on site! With the help of a power of attorney, we will take care of all the necessary papers and documents so that your marriage is considered legally valid.

You are already married and want to celebrate a free marriage? This is of course the easier way to celebrate the marriage with all family members and friends. All we need is the permits for the location you have chosen and the corresponding documents.

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